The 27th Annual Meeting of the SSOEL-Japan

(University of Tsukuba, University Hall: March 13-15, 2002 )


Wednesday, March 13

”ć9”§30”Ż ”ä recepcion

”ć10”§00”Ż11”§00””General Contributions”ä

1. Ohashi, A., T. Kaneko and K. Kobayashi: Characterization of complex organics formed by proton irradiation of simulated primitive atmospheres
2. Yamanashi, H., S. Takeda, S. Miyakawa and K. Kobayashi: Abiotic formation of nucleic acid constituents from simulated primitive atmospheres
3.Edazawa, Y., Yoshinori T., K. Kobayashi, K. Marumo, T. Urabe: Phosphatase activity in hydrothermal systems at the Toyoha Mines and the Suiyo seamount

”ć11”§00”Ż12”§00””General Contributions”ä

4. Murata, M., M.N. Islam, T. Kaneko, K. Kobayashi: Reactions of amino acids in a supercritical water flow reactor simulating submarine hydrothermal systems
5. Takano, Y., T. Horiuchi, K. Kobayashi, K. Marumo and T. Urabe: Amino acids in submarine hydrothermal systems at the Suiyo seamount
6.Yokoyama, S., E. Imai, K. Hatori, H. Honda, K. Matuno: Oligomerization of glycine, alanine, valine and aspartic acid in hydrothermal environments

”ć13”§00”Ż14”§00””Special Lecture”ä

Matsuura, T. and H. Koshima: Spontaneous generation of chirality in crystallization of organic compounds as a model for the origin of optical activity

”ć14”§00”Ż15”§00””General Contributions”ä

7. Nemoto, A., E. Imai, H. Honda, K. Hatori and K. Matsuno: Oligomerization and racemization of amino acids in the context of hydrothermal chemistry
8. Tsukahara, H., E. Imai, K. Hatori,H. Honda and K. Matsuno: Prebiotic oligomerization in lipid vesicles in hydrothermal environments (Department of BioEngineering, Nagaoka University of Technology)
9. Ozawa, K., E. Imai, H. Honda, K. Hatori and K. Matsuno: Phosphorylation of nucleoside and nucleotide in hydrothermal environments

”ć15”§10”Ż16”§10””General Contributions”ä

10. Kawamura, K.: Chemical evolution of nucleic acids and proteins under hydrothermal conditions - Comparison of the rates of degradation and formation
11. Terasaki, M., S. Nomoto, H. Mita, A. Shimoyama: Chemical evolutionary study on thermal polymerization of alanine in the molten urea
12. Terasaki, M., S. Nomoto, H. Mita, A. Shimoyama: A novel formation pathway of aspartic acid from mixture of urea and maleic acid in aqueous solution effected by ultraviolet lights and heat

”ć16”§10”Ż17”§30””General Contributions”ä

13. Shinhama, F., H. Mita and A. Shimoyama: Prebiotic formation of hydroxy acids from graphite and water by UV irradiation
14. Iida, K.: Temporal logics for determining the phylogenic tree of materials
15. Ohnishi, K. and N. Huruichi: Autopoietic active evolution achieved by hierarchical natural selection
16. Ohnishi, K.: Phylogenetic relationship among the Ainu, the Zoque(Central America), and the Austronesian language familyӤTowards finding sound-corresponding rules and the mode of evolution of Swadesh' basic 100 words

Thursday, March 14

”ć9”§30”Ż12”§00 Symposium 1: The origin of chirality and D-amino acids in biological world”ä

S1. Soai, K.: Asymmetric autocatalysis and chiral homogeneity of biomolecules
S2. Nagata, Y.: D-amino acids and D-amino acid dehydrogenase in Archaea
S3. Honma, H.: D-Aspartate in mammals
S4. Konno, R.: What is the physiological function of D-amino-acid oxidase?
S5. Abe, H.: Physiological functions of free D-alanine in aquatic invertebrates

”ć13”§00”Ż14”§00””General Contributions”ä

17. Hashizume, H.: Adsorption of optical isomers of amino acids by fine particles of kaolinites
18. Kodama ,Y., M. Tanaka, T. Koketsu, K. Nakagawa, T. Yamada and H. Konuki: The detection of asymmetric photodecomposition on amino acids in solid state irradiated with ultraviolet circularly polarized light
19. Munegumi, T.: Stereo-specific condensation of amino acids or peptides

”ć14”§00”Ż15”§00””General Contributions”ä

20. Naraoka, H.: Nitrogen isotope variations in the 2.7-2.5 Ga sedimentary rocks with relevance to marine nitrogen cycles
21. Hiraoka, A. and Yokoo H.: Properties of middle-sized biomolecules-compounds with MW between oligopepeptides and proteins and between oligosaccharides and macromolecular polysaccharides
22. Ikehara, K.: Proposition on the origin of chirality of biomolecules

”ć15”§00”Ż15”§40””General Contributions”ä

23. Vladimir, B and K. Kobayashi:
Simple radical pathways for the formation of vinyl alcohol in the interstellar medium
24. Vladimir, B. and K. Kobayashi: Interstellar chemistry of amino acids: Reactions of formic acid with methylenimine and related species

”ć15”§50”Ż17”§20””Symposium 2: Extraterrestrial exploration in Japan”ä

S6. Haruyama, J.: Exploration programs to the Moon "Why don't you return to the Moon? "
S7. Yano, H.: Primitive body exploration in the solar system and astrobiology
S8. Tamura, M. and JTPF Working Group: Extrasolar planet detection projects

Friday, March 15

”ć10”§00”Ż11”§00””General Contributions”ä

25. Yang, D., T. Koyama, A. Okamura, Y. Shiba and M. Kodama: Ascorbic acid-2 phosphate enhancing the porcine albumin mRNA expression
26. Yokozawa, J., K. Okamoto, Y. Nagaoka, T. Umehara, J. Iwaki, A. Kuno and T. Hasegawa: Molecular recognition of proline tRNA by prolyl-tRNA synthetase from hyperthermophilic and aerobic archaeon, Aeropyrum pernix K1
27. Kitayama, K., H. Kiyonaga and O. Kikuchi: Theoretical study of parity-violating energy of chiral molecules

”ć11”§00”Ż12”§00””General Contributions”ä

28. Oba, T., R. Iwamoto and K. Ikehara: Catalytic activities of [GADV]-protein prepared by heat-drying
29. Awakura, M., N. Fujii and L. Takemoto: Increased aggregation and decreased chaperone activity of alpha-crystallin due to post translational modification
30. Takata, T., N. Fujii and D. Yang: Expression of D-beta-Asp containing protein in lens derived cell lines

”ć13”§30”Ż14”§30””General Contributions”ä

31. Aiba, S., K. Asakura, S. Osanai, M. Imoto and Y. Tomita: Non-linear dynamic analysis of multi-stability of mitogen activated protein kinase cascade
32. Hasegawa, Y. and K. Ikehara: Origin of metabolic pathway viewed from GNC-SNS primitive genetic code hypothesis
33. Watanabe, K., T. Iwabata, T. Ohkuri, S. Yokobori, T. Oshima and A. Yamagishi: Experimental test of the hyper-thermophilic common ancestor hypothesis

”ć14”§30”Ż15”§30””General Contributions”ä

34. Ohya(Kawashima), Y., K. Minahiro, T. Yamasaki, M. Sakuma, H. Koike and M. Suzuki: Intracellular environment and protein thermostability in archaea
35. Koike, H., Y. Ohya (Kawashima) , M. Ihara, M. Sakuma, T. Yamasaki and M. Suzuki: Correlation between thermo-stability and structure/sequence of biomolecules from extremophiles
36. Saito, T.: Pigments of the radioresistant bacteria
37. Mitsuzawa, S. and T. Yukawa: Reverse evolution

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