Launching a New Attempt

ĦĦĦĦThe main agenda of our Society is an extremely time-honored one. At the same time, our members live in a rapidly changing world. What concerns us most is how to preserve the best of the best while letting ourselves amenable to what is going on out there. In this regard, I am happy to announce that the editorial board of our Society journal "Viva Origino" has finally set up the framework to publish research papers authored by our members in its web journal. Our e-journal is a new and courageous attempt for us to approach our colleagues at large more easily and more effectively. We hope that our new format willfacilitate and make it easier for our international community to access our journal in both subscribing to and contributing to it. We believe that our new attempt could finally bring our Society a profitable and productive consequence. For this objective to materialize sooner, please let us have your participation and support in any aspect of activities our Society has been addressing.

Koichiro Matsuno
On behalf of the Executive Committee of the Society

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